OLIVE PICKING PROGRAMM (This program includes 7 complete days of olive picking, sightseeing and

Enjoying traditional gourmand dishes)

TIME PERIOD: OCT. 15th untill JAN 15th.


ACCOMMODATION: private housing


1st  DAY

Meeting quests at the airport and transfer by ferry or ship to Vela Luka. Arrival in Vela Luka and taking them to their quarters (private accommodation will be provided for all the guests in the same or more than one house). The  guests will be introduced with the agenda during their stay in Vela Luka.

Dinner in the host house containing: fish soup, boiled first class fish and wine. Desert will be a home made cake.


2nd DAY

Waking up at 7 o’clock. Breakfast in the house of the host from 7-8 o’clock. Assembling at the previously agreed check point at 8:30 hrs. Walking to the olive grove (30 minutes walk), including short sightseeing on the way. Arrival to the olive grove, and reception by the host, offering home made brandy, dry figs and almonds.

Short introduction with the technique of olive picking.

Olive picking from 9:30 hrs until 12:30 hrs assisted by the host. Lunch from 12:30 hrs - 13:30 hrs, served in the

olive grove. If any of the guests wishes so, he/she could take part in preparing the lunch.

Lunch will contain: boiled field greenery, fried goldlin and home made biscuits (“fritule”). Wine will be served according to the wish of the guests.

Continuation of the olive picking from 13:30 hrs. If the weather is not convenient – the wind blows or it is too cold,

or it rains – so that the picking is not possible – the guests could play social games by the fireplace, if agreed so. 

Tea or coffee will be served and if someone wishes so he/she or they could be taken for a walk in the surrounding


At 16:30 hrs return to Vela Luka on foot.

Rest of the evening free.

Supper by the host at the private accommodation at 19 hrs.

For supper host will serve: soup, boiled meat, potatoes and wine.

Rest of the evening free.


3rd DAY

Waking up at 7 o’clock. Breakfast from 7 – 8 hrs in the house of the host. Departure by taxi to the same olive grove

as the previous day. Programm is the same as the day before: olive picking with assistance of the host at the olive grove till 12:30 hrs.

Dinner will be prepared in the house or in the olive grove. Guests who are willing could take part in the preparation

of the food.

Menu will be: traditional fish dish (made of anchovies or mackerel “savur” as hors-d’oeuvre, as main course fried

wether, pickled onion, green salad and wine according to the wish of the guest.  

After dinner playing of traditional game “igranje na obuće” till 15 hrs. During this special kind of bowling, wine will

be served.

Departure on foot to Vela Luka. Embarking on the boat and fishing squids near by the island of Ošjak with the assistance of the host. Return from fishing at approximately  19 hrs and arrival to the lodging for a supper.

Supper will be served  at 19:30 hrs.

Menu is: soup, home made biscuits “hrstule”, cannelloni and coffee or tea.

Rest of the evening free.


4th DAY

Breakfast and departure by ship for Hvar Island. Sightseeing of the major points of interest in the town of Hvar (professional local tour guide is provided). The guests will be introduced with the history of the town and taken to Saint Antun’s Church, Forteca (fortress) and Napolijun.

Return by ship from Hvar at 16 hrs. Free afternoon could be used for playing games of cards, going to a hairdresser

or writing postcards.

Supper at 19 hrs.

Menu: soup, fried squids, Lumblija (sweet bread baked usually for religious holiday) and prosecco (home made


Evening off. There is possibility of attending (with the host) the local wine cellar “konoba” gor a glass of wine and salted anchovies.



5th DAY

Waking up at 7 o’clock. Breakfast till 8 o’clock. Assembling at the check point at 8:30 hrs and departure to the olive

grove. Arrival to the olive grove at approximately 9:30 hrs. Local brandy, figs and cakes will be served at the arrival.

Olive picking till 12:3o hrs.

Dinner will be prepared in the olive grove. Menu: grilled small season fish (anchovies, small bogue or other fish)

with pickled onions and capers. As the main course there will be : fish stew made of mixed fish (grooper and frog

fish) cooked in a traditional manner in the pot on the trivet “tripije” with boiled potatoes and cheese.

Wine will be served as per wishes of the guests.

After dinner easy walk on the previously agreed path.

Return to the quarters on foot at 18:30 hrs.

Supper at 19 hrs at the place of accommodation.

Menu: soup, “Balkan-grill” – mixed meat: pork, beef, rumpstake, “ćevapčići” (minced meat fingers), liver, etc, with

Potatoes, green salad, coffee or tea.

Evening free.


6th DAY

Waking up at 5 o’clock. Breakfast till 6 o’clock at the place of lodging. Assembling by the host’s boat until 6:30 hrs.

Departure by fishing boat to the Island if Proizd. Arrival to Proizd at 7:30 hrs. Fishing in a traditional manner with special bait using the angle, till 9:30 hrs. Place of fishing will be Vraca or Batalo.

The guests shall go ashore on the Proizd Island at around 10:30 and go for a walk till 12 hrs. Lunch in the boat on the

way back to Vela Luka. As hors-d’oeuvre guests could have: cheese, smoked ham (“pršut”) and salted anchovies, and as a main course: octopus sakad with potatoes and hake fried in breadcrumbs. Wine if wanted.

Return to Vela Luka and at 13:15 hrs departure to Korčula town. Upon arrival, sightseeing in Korčula till 18:30 hrs.

Visiting points of interest with professional local tourist guide (Saint Marco’s Cathedral, Fortress, Bishop’s Treasury).

Departure from Korčula by bus and arrival to Vela Luka at 19:30 hrs.

Supper is served by the host at the place of accommodation.

Menu: fish soup, cod-fish, desert (home made cake) coffee or tea.

Evening free. There is possibility of taking the guests to local cinema or to coffee-shop.

7th DAY

Waking up at 7 o’clock. Breakfast at 8 o’clock at the place of lodging. Assembling  by the agreed check-point

at 8:30 hrs and walking to the olive grove.

Picking olives till 12:30 hrs and preparation of the food in the same way as before.

Menu for dinner: salted anchovies, cheese and olives as hors-d’oeuvre. For the main course traditionally prepared meat on the fire place (“peka”) will be served with green salad and wine according to expressed wishes.

After dinner, social game “Na obuće” could be played (type of bowling) if the guests are willing.

At 15:30 hrs return to Vela Luka on foot. Sightseeing before supper. It includes Saint Joseph Church, Repkov Dvor

And possible visit to the “Prižmić” Art Galery, and local Museum with Archaeologic findings.

Supper at 19 o’clock in the host’s house.

Menu: soup, boiled smoked meat, beans with tomato sauce and pickled onions. Home made cake will be blowen by the whole group as a farewell gesture.


8th DAY

breakfast in the house of accommodation. Host will prepare a lunch package for the guests: tuna fish fried in bread-

crumbs, pickled gherkins and juice.

Host will give a bottle of 1l olive oil as a gift to each guest. If a guest wishes to by larger amount of olive oil, the host

will gladly sell it at a reasonable price.

Departure of the guests and conclusion of the program.  









1st DAY – arrival

Supper: fish soup, boiled high class fish, home made cake, wine.


2nd DAY

Breakfast: continental

Dinner: boiled field greenery, fried goldlin, home made biscuits, wine.

Supper: soup, boiled meet, potatoes, coffee or tea.


3rd DAY

Breakfast: continental

Dinner: “savur” (fish dish with anchovies, fried wether, green salad and wine.

Supper: soup, cannelloni, home made biscuits, coffee or tea.


4th DAY

Breakfast: continental (in accordance with the early trip to Hvar Island)

Lunch: lunch package – meat fried in breadcrumbs, pickled gherkins, bread and juice.

Supper: soup, fried squids with mushrooms, sweet home made bread and sherry.


5th DAY

Breakfast: continental

Dinner: small season fish on grill, capers, pickled onions – as hours-d’oeuvre

             Main course: fish stew made of mixed fish on traditional way  “na tripije”, boiled potatoes, cheese.

             Wine if desired.

Supper: soup, “Balkan grill”, salad, fried potatoes, coffee.


6th DAY

Breakfast: continental

Dinner: cheese, smoked ham, salted anchovies, octopus salad, hake fried in breadcrumbs; wine if desired.

Supper: fish soup, cod-fish, cake, coffee or tea.


7th DAY

Breakfast: continental

Lunch: salted anchovies, cheese, olives, traditionally prepared meat (“peka”), green salad; wine if desired.

Dinner: soup boiled smoked meat, beans in tomato sauce. Farewell cake. Wine, coffee or tea.


8th DAY

Breakfast: continental

Lunch: lunch package (tuna-fish) fried in breadcrumbs, pickled gherkins, bread, juice.



















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