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Positioned in a spacious bay decorated with peaceful inlets and tiny islands, Vela Luka seems to be one of the last oasis still abundant in Mediterranean gifts: mild climate, clear sea, clear air, the olive, the grape, the fig, the song, the wonder... A mistery hidden in nature¨ s richness and abundance. It is the second largest urban settlement on the Adriatic islands, a safe anchorage and port for navigators.

The untouched nature and beauty are a feast to the senses and the safest sanctuary from everyday urban living.

Vela Luka is the place where you can feel the unique presence of nature and the mediterranean island environment is an experience one does not forget.


  • Day 1: Arrival

    Arrival to Split/ assistence. Transfer to the harbour. Departure to Vela Luka by regular boat line. Arrival. Transfer & accommodation in private houses. Welcome drink. Dinnerr. Overnight stay.

  • Day 2: Martina bok tour

    Breakfast (lunch package). Trekking Martina bok tour. Typical dinner in the village olive plantation. Return to Vela Luka. Overnight stay.

  • Day 3: Trip to Korcula

    Breakfast departure by public bus to Korcula. City sightseeing (Museum of Korcula, The Bishop's Treasuty, St Mark Cathedral). Departure from Stupe by boat lunch in the restaurant. Trekking on Badija island. Return to Vela Luka. Overnight stay.

  • Day 4: Badnjena tour

    After breakfast, trekking Badnjena tour (lunch package). Back to accommodation. Dinner. Overnight stay.

  • Day 5: Trip to Hvar

    After breakfast one-day excursion to Hvar island (by boat). City sightseeing (Cathedral, Franciscan monastery, Fortification and Napolijun). Lunch in the restaurant. Return to Vela Luka in i the afternoon Dinne. Overnight stay.

  • Day 6: Hum tour

    Breakfast, trekking Hum tour (lunch package). Return to accommodation. Dinner. Overnight stay.

  • Day 7: Grdaca tour

    Departure after breakfast for trekking Grdaèa tour. Lunch break (lunch package). Farewell BBQ on the goat farm in the evening. Overnight stay.

  • Day 8: Deparature

    Breakfast, departure to Split (by boat) Transfer to the airport / assistence

Pricelist (per person):

  • double room - 390 EUR
  • single room - 418 EUR

Above prices inslude: Accommodation, all meals, assistence, professional trekking guide, local guides in Korcula and Hvar, entrance tickets, transportation tickets (boats and buses).

Tour description:

  1. Martina bok tour

    grdaca-trek.jpg Departure from Vela Luka at 09h climbing to the hill Gica (TV antenna). From here is a beautiful view on Vela luka bay (1500m). Short rest and continuation through Lozica field and to the sea bay Prihonja (2500m). After a short stay, continuation to Zanavje, Zukova, Tankaraca, Martina bok / arrival at 12h/. Time out , lunch and swimming time.

    At 13h departure for Pelegrin, Stracincica, Teæar and Bradat. The way partialy follows the seacoast and partially leads trough the field (2500m). Arrival on the locality Bradat at 14,30 (short break) and from there follows continuation in direction of Vela Luka, Mikulina luka, Sokoliæ, Adria hotel. The way follows the coast, directly on the seaside (4500m).

    Arrival in Vela Luka at 17h.

    Needed time / 8 hours in total/

    Tour is 14000 m long

    Breaks in total / 1x 1h and 3x5-10min/

  2. Badnjena tour

    badnjena-vela_spila.jpg Departure from Vela Luka at 9h, climbing at Pinski rat hill, short break. Trekking to the hill Vrbovica and Krusevo fields (4000m). Arrival at Krusevo field at 11h. Continuation after break trough Sprtisce, Badnjena and decent to Sprtiska bay.

    Lunch time and swimming.

    At 13h continuation on the seaside road to the bays of Badnjena, Strmena, Bocici, (length of the way is 3000m) arrival in Bocici at 15h. Short rest.

    Climbing the hill to Poljica field, climbing to Vela spila (big cave) / visit of the locality and short rest (length of the path is 4000m).

    From Vela spila trough the crick Kale climbing to Prapatna / visit to olive plantation, typical dinner/.

    Return to Vela Luka at 18,30 h (length of the path is 3000m).

    Needed time / 9,5 hours in total/.

    The tour is 14000m long.

    Total breaks / 1x1h and 3x5-10min/

  3. Grdaca tour

    pješačenje oko vele luke - korčula Departure from Vela Luka at 09h (0 m), climbing uphill to the hill Mrtinjak (258m). Walking through the forrests Mrtinjak and Hunscar to the settlement Dub (160m). The length of the path is 3000m. Arrival to Dub at 11h. Short break and sightseeing of-Dub, Zaglav and Grdaca (30-50m height).

    Watching the view on a seaside and defining the shape of the Lastovo island in a distance is a great pleasure. Arrival to Grdaèa at 12:30h. Short break and lunch. Possibity of swimming. Departure from Grdaca at 13:30h.

    Grdaca, Gornja Potirna ( 87m height ), using the old path accross Greben (281m) continung to Bliznaca (150m). Length of the path is 2000m. Arrival to Bliznaca at 15 h. Short break.

    Arrival to Bliznaca, Hunscar, Mrtinjak (258m), walking through the beautiful pine tree forrest viewing Vela Luka. The path is 4000m long. Arrival to Vela Luka at 18h.

    Length at the path in total is 12000m. Walking time with breaks is 9 hours. Breaks in total: 1x1 hour and 3x5-10 minutes

    Departure at 09 h. Return at 18 h.

  4. Staza Hum

    hum-vela-luka.jpg Departure from Vela Luka at 9:30, climbing to the hill Humic and to the peack Hum (length of the path is 3000m). The view from the peack is beautiful and on the sunny day one can clearly see the Italian coast. Short break and descent to Luèica bay of Poplat (length of the path is 1500m).Swimming time.

    Continuation to the goat farm / visit of the farm and typical lunch/. Leaving the farm at 14h and continuation of trekking by climbing Vranina hill, (length of the path is 4000m).

    Continuation via Cesvinova, Maslinova, Garma (the length of the path is 2500m). Short rest on Piæena / arrival at 17,30h/. Passing through Gabrica and Pupanj, visit of St. Joseph church and return to Vela Luka at 18,30h (the length of the path is 1500m).

    Needed time is 9,5h.

    The tour is 14000m long.

    Total breaks / 1x1h and 3x5-10min/

  5. Saknjarat tour

    pješačenje oko vele luke - korčula The area of Saknjarat is run by Hrvatske sume (Croatian forests) enterprise. This piece of land is viewing the island of Lastovo on one side and Vela Luka harbour on the nordern side. This area follows the coastal line. There is a big, thick, not passable pine tree forrest leading into two beautiful natural beaches situated in inlets Zaklopatica and little Trstena. The beaches are covered with sand and gravel and surrounded by the pine trees leading to the very sea. Hrvatske sume arranged the antifire roads in the length of 25 km. Through certain areas there is a possibility to cut the walking path through the forrest, There are also large areas of olive tree farms and goat farms where plenty of traditional specialties could be prepared, mainly goat on BBQ or goat cheese and goat milkcould be served to the guests. During the harvest time local specialties like skopac or kulinje could be tasted.Transportation could be provided until this point and 6 hours could be purposefully spent by enjoying the colourful surrounding.

    Saknjarat is on the sea level (0m). The heights of the peaks of the above mentioned little hills are around 70m.

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