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The island of Korcula is situated in Croatia, Dalmatia and it is one of 5 the most beautiful island in the world. In the west coast of the island is the great port of Vela Luka and the little island of Proizd. The distance from the island of Pelješac is about 1270 m.49 nautical miles far away is Dubrovnik, 57 nautical miles is Split, 250 nautical miles is Venice.

Blato - Prigradica

PRIGRADICA is situated on the northern side of the island of Korcula and it faces the Canal of Korcula. The distance from Vela Luka is about 14 km, 30 km from the town of Korcula and 4 km from the town of Blato. It is one of the oldest bay. In the period of the old Austria is made a stony coast with a breakwater. From that place wine and oil were transported to other areas. It is protected by northern and eastern winds and you can drop the anchors in it. Prigradica has fast ship connection to Split. In Prigradica is the hotel, supermarkets and restaurants. There are about hundred houses with apartments in very modern style. Everything else you will find in Blato: banks, stores, places where you can buy vegetables, fish etc. Prigradica is the place only for tourists, with houses near the sea, an excellent choice for a pleasaent vacation. Tourists can visit the little island Šćedro with beautiful bays.It is something you have to see.

Blato - Prižba

PRIŽBA is situated on the island of Korčula on the west side near Blato.It has two parts:the coast and islands Stupa, Crklica, Sridnjak and Vrhovnjak.You can drop the anchors from the boats because it is protected by all the winds except northern ones. There are private houses and apartments for rent.In the middle of Prižba is the beautiful beach, suitable for the children.The distance from Blato is about 10 km, from Korčula 37 km and from Vela Luka is about 17 km by asphaltic street. In Prižba is the supermarket, the post and hotels.There are also many restaurants with very good food. Blue, clean sea, excellent climate, makes Prižba very attractive place for an unforgatable vacation.Rent a boat, fishing, swimming in beautiful beaches and little islands – all of this will be the unforgatable memory for you.

Blato - Zaglav

Still don't know where to vacation? Come to the island of Korcula and experience an unforgettable holiday. Want cheap holidays? Apartments in Zaglav bay are right choice for You. Visit us and enjoy in beautiful beaches, sunsets, crystal sea and the pleasures of local kitchen. Our agency is at Your disposal.

Blato - Žukova

The bay Zukova is situated in the west side of the island of Korcula in the port of Vela Luka. It is turned at the nort on the Canal of Korcula. You can come to bay by the asphaltic street about 5 km far away from Vela Luka and 1 km of the narrow street. The street is far away from the sea about 150 meters and to get to the houses and the apartments, you need to walk. The bay is protected from all the winds except the eastern one. There is possibility to drop the anchors from the little boats near bridge made of stone. It's charcteristic is the nice pine forest. The sea is always clean, stony coasts are made for swimming and enjoying in the sun. There are about ten houses in the bay , all of robinson type. It does not have energy connection.You will be satisfied and enjoying in the lonlines, silence in this bay.

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