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The island of Korcula is situated in Croatia, Dalmatia and it is one of 5 the most beautiful island in the world. In the west coast of the island is the great port of Vela Luka and the little island of Proizd. The distance from the island of Pelješac is about 1270 m.49 nautical miles far away is Dubrovnik, 57 nautical miles is Split, 250 nautical miles is Venice.

Čara - Zavalatica

ZAVALATICA is the little region situated on the southern side of the island of Korčula and faces the island of Lastovo.It is not protected from the southern winds.Zavalatica has the breakwater and you can drop the anchors from the small boats. It is far away from the town of Korčula for about 30 km and 20 km from Vela Luka, from Čara is far away for about 2 km witch is situated in the middle of the island.In Zavalatica there is a post and the doctor also. In Zavalatica there is also the restaurant and the supermarket.Zavalatica is famous for it's vineyards of Pošip and Rukatac, the famous wines. People live of the tourism.The apartments are made in very modern style and perfect for the peaceful vacation. Near Zavalatica is the beautiful bay Žitna with sand and very clean sea. Beautiful bays and beaches, kind people, the peace and silence and very good food, fresh fish, domestic oil; all of this makes your vacation in Zavalatica unforgettable.

Smokvica - Brna

Brna is the little port situated on the southern side of the island of Korcula with a beautiful view on the island of Lastovo. If You want cheap holidays come to Croatia and enjoy in beautiful nature.

Vela Luka

Vela Luka is situated in a deep picturesque bay in the west part of the island Korčula. It is the place of some 4.500 inhabitants. This beautiful place is known for its friendly hosts, Dalmatian songs, mild climate, crystal blue sea and clean fresh air. As a developed urban centre, Vela Luka is known for ship industry, fish industry, tourism and rich culture and entertainment. Many archeologic essays, especially about the ''Big cave'' were written. The 'Big cave'' is the place situated on the hill Pinski rat, above the bay. The Parish church of Saint Joseph is from 19th century. There is an archeological collection with findings from the Big cave, an important Neolitic locality. In the centre of Vela Luka is a modern gallery with many exhibits of famous sculpture and painters from the second half of 20th century. Among them there is one Henry Moore's sculpture, the only one is Croatia: then the numismatic collection of Irislav Dolenec and the private gallery Ana Prižmić Šege. In the bay of Kale, there is

Vela Luka - Garma

Garma is the bay on the southern side of island of Korcula and it is far away from Vela Luka for about 8 km and 40 km from the town of Korcula. In the bay there are about ten apartments. The bay is perfect for holiday in peace and silence. The nearest restaurant is about 2km away from Garma.

Vela Luka - Nova

Nova is the bay on the southern side of the island of Korcula and it faces the island of Lastovo and Sušac. Nova is the new destination for tourism with very modern apartments. In front of bay are beautiful islands Pržnjak and Trstenik. In Nova there are about 30 houses with apartments for rent. Near the bay there are two restaurants.

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